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Hello, my name is Jasmin Cendejas and I am the founder of Monstera House Cleaning. I was born and raised in Columbus. Through living in Columbus and spending so much time exploring this city I've had the chance to experience all that makes up Columbus and its surrounding cities. I have a great love for our Columbus community and am familiar with the busy life we can get caught up in. That's why we at Monstera take pride in our vision to clean every home like our own.

Monstera House Cleaning believes that our homes are where we relax, recharge, and live. Our homes are the center of our lives, and a very important influence in our day to day motivation. I want all of our clients to come home to a clean space that's ready for relaxation, and be secure knowing that at Monstera House Cleaning we will clean every Columbus home as our own.

We at Monstera House Cleaning look forward to working with you.

Our mission at Monstera Housecleaning is to clean each and every Columbus-area home as we would our own.

Our vision for Monstera is to become a trusted household name in Columbus. That not only we at Monstera stand by, but also our clients can be confident in our service and ability.

Monstera Housecleaning is owned by life-long Columbus natives proudly serving the Greater Columbus Area


The base of Monstera as a whole is the drive to build, serve, and be a community. Within Columbus exist such a rich and diverse community. Every person with a need or want for community. Both I, and Monstera’s Co-founder have a need, and desire to serve our community.

Part of our vision is to volunteer our services to families, and individuals who need assistance when it comes to cleaning their home. Our goal is to volunteer our service at least once a month to a home that needs our love, and care.

  • Clean every home like our own
  • Community Based
  • Open Communication
  • Locally Owned
  • Customer Focused

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